Historical & Ancient Ceramic Technology, Workshops, Demonstrations & Replicas
Ancient Pottery Workshops
My pottery workshops are fun, educational and entertaining; ranging from Neolithic and Bronze-Age pot making, they include Roman wheel and mould made pottery, but can cover very specific subjects such as Roman head pots, votive items, Bronze-Age beakers or Saxon kiln building.  I also offer workshops specifically designed for schools.

No previous pottery experience is needed for any of my workshops and groups of mixed ability can work together.  Projects can be tailored to any age group, ability level or area of interest.   For those working towards a formal qualification courses can be pitched at a more academic level.  Sessions can consist of a mixture of demonstration and hands-on workshop.  These can be presented to a single group booked in for the full workshop or can be presented to passing crowds or drop in groups as part of a larger event.

In the case of group projects, these are designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration, encouraging communication between members of the team.  These projects have all had very successful outcomes, with participants taking great pride in the finished pieces.

Workshops for adults include:
Basic Roman pottery
Basic Prehistoric Pottery
Advanced Prehistoric Pottery
Prehistoric Pottery Firing
Early Anglo-Saxon Pottery
Later Anglo-Saxon Pottery
Roman/Saxon Kiln Building & Firing
Making Roman Head Pots
Making Roman Samian Ware
Making Roman Lamps & Deity Figures
Making Roman Altars
Making your own potters' wheel

Bronze Age Workshop
Adult Roman Pottery Workshop
Roman Wheel Workshop