Historical & Ancient Ceramic Technology, Workshops, Demonstrations & Replicas
Roman Pottery Replicas by Graham Taylor of Potted History
Barbotine, Castor Ware, Nene Valley, Colour Coated Hunt Cups, featuring dogs and hares and based on pots found Corbridge Roman Town near Hadrian's Wall.
Replica Samian Ware, Terra Sigillata, Dragendorff Dr37 Bowls.
Replica Samian Ware, Terra Sigillata, Dragendorff Dr37 Bowl, the mould from which the bowl was made and the punches that made the bowl.
Replica Roman Oil Lamp in the form of a Dolphin. Based on an example in the British Museum.
Replica Roman Antefixa, based on examples from Chester and bearing the insignia of the 20th Legion.
Replica Roman Wine Amphorae
Replica Tauroctony Panel for a Mithraeum, or Temple of Mithras
Replica Terracotta Roman Discus Lamps, bearing the images of Gladiators.
Replica Garum Flask branded with the name Scaurus
Black Burnished Cooking Jar