Historical & Ancient Ceramic Technology, Workshops, Demonstrations & Replicas
Bronze-Age Pottery Replicas by Graham Taylor of Potted History
Aldbourne Incense Cup
Replica Stonehenge Fenestrated Cup and Grape Cup
Replica Group including Beakers from West Kennet & Roundway Barrows Stonehenge Fenestrated and Grape Cups
Replica Collared Urn and Accessory Vessel, Southworth Hall Barrow, Winwick, Cheshire
Replica Beakers from West Kennet & Roundway Bronze Age Barrows
Replica Danish Bronze Age Beakers
Replica Beakers from Northumberland
Replica Large Food Vessel Urn from Goat Crag Northumberland
Replica Collared Urn & Grape Cup from Normanton Down and "The Ceramic Object" from Stonehenge, Aubrey Hole 29 
Replica Later Bronze Age pots
Replica, Isle of Arran Cordoned Urn, Food Vessel and other later Bronze Age pots
Replica Bronze Age Beakers